Why Does My Air Fryer Set Off My Smoke Detector?

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Why Does My Air Fryer Set Off My Smoke Detector? There are numerous reasons why your smoke detector may be going off when you use your air fryer, it may be related to the device itself and it also may have absolutely nothing to do with the air fryer.

Figuring out the main cause of the incident is the best way to tackle the issue, if the problem is from the air fryer itself then you may need to figure out why the fryer is smoking.

Normally air fryers do not give off smoke if used properly, when yours puts off smoke then you need to figure the cause out as soon as possible in order not to damage the air fryer itself.

I’ve done some research and outlined below are a few reasons shared by air fryer “owners” who have experienced similar issues, maybe one or two of the reasons will resonate with you– you’ll find out in a moment. Here we go;

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Reasons why air fryers smoke/set off fire detectors

Faulty air fryer

The first thing to check for is if there is a fault in your air fryer that is making it give off smoke, normally when electronic devices develop an issue and you plug them into a power source, it tends to make the internal components “spark” which may ignite apart and that will make the smoke begin to come out.

If you notice the fume is coming from inside the air fryer itself, then you need to take it for repairs if you don’t have the technical “know-how”. 

After fixing, if the issue persists. Then you may need to purchase a new air fryer and use it cautiously to avoid the problem from occurring again, you have to avoid lapses in judgment like leaving it plugged in when you are not using it. Also ensure you handle it carefully because if it falls often, that can also cause it to develop faults.

Low-Quality Air fryer

Purchasing an air fryer because it’s “cheap” would surely come back to bite you in the butt, trust me. Those tend to be made with very sub-par components which deteriorate as you use them.

You could be using your air fryer to cook and it will just start to overheat as you’re cooking, when this happens, your smoke detectors will be set off. 

Purchase affordable and quality air fryers to avoid the issue of overheating and it damaging on its own. Check out the COSORI air fryer.

Power Surge

There are specific power specifications that electronic devices are required to use, when this is exceeded it tends to be detrimental to the device.

If there is a power surge for any reason in your home while you’re using your air fryer, it may cause the internal components to “fry” which will result in the device giving off smoke.

This power surge can also affect the smoke detector itself and cause it to go off. Take note of any power surge and ensure your appliances are not affected by it, if they are, don’t use them until you have them fixed.

Old air fryer

If you have been using your air fryer for up to 10 years then you need to look into getting a new one, although it is sort of unlikely since air fryers were invented in 2010 and didn’t become a big deal till like 5 years or so ago, but if you are one of the few that got in on the ground floor.

Then you need to throw out the sentimental attachment you may have to your air fryer and purchase a new one. An old air fryer will inevitably short circuit once in a while which may cause the device to start smoking and that will set off your smoke detector.


Do not put your food in tin foil when you want to cook with your air fryer, tin foil tend to cause smoke when heat is applied to them.

If your smoke detector is going off when you use your air fryer, then the culprit may be the tin foil you are using, remove the foil and use the air fryer, see if the smoke detector still acts the same way. If it does, then you move into the next test and find a solution and if it doesn’t, then you have solved the problem and you can rest easy.

Burnt food

The most common reason for every smoke-related incident in the kitchen is when food is burning due to the application of excessive heat or negligence.

When you misjudge the cooking time of a food item and leave it in your air fryer for too long and it starts to burn, the smoke which is emitted from the device will set your smoke detectors off. 

Air fryers come with a timer that allows the device to switch off when the food is cooked, as long as you know the right timing and temperature to cook the food in order not to burn your meal.

Electrical issue

If there is a faulty connection in your power outlet, it can either spark and cause smoke in the socket or make the air fryer smoke.

Electrical issues in the home should be considered delicate because most times we don’t detect them until it’s too late, so if you notice your power outlet acting abnormally, but either tripping off when you are using your air fryer, you need to isolate that section and get an electrician to check it out to avoid accidents.

Old Smoke Detector

When smoke detectors are old, it tends to act up and go off even when there is no smoke, especially the older model smoke alarms.

If your smoke detectors or alarm is not from this decade or century, then you need to look into getting a new smoke detector, that can detect smoke. 

You should check out smoke detectors like the Google Nest Protect or simply ask a professional to install the best option for your home.

Faulty Smoke detector

Faulty smoke detectors will act up, the good news is that they can be fixed. Anyway, it depends on if the damage to the smoke detector is not extensive.

You need to figure out which smoke detector has the fault and look into getting it fixed or replacing it, whichever option seems most easier to you. Always check your smoke detectors regularly, it may not seem important, but it is, it can save your life. Trust me.

New batteries maybe

When the battery is low in smoke detectors, it usually causes the device to act up oddly, by detecting smoke when there is no smoke and all that.

You have to regularly change the batteries of your smoke detectors at least monthly. You also need to put in good batteries that will not die after a week, know the required batteries for your smoke detectors and purchase them accordingly.

Actual smoke from somewhere else

If your smoke detectors are going off and you know it is not from your air fryer, then you need to look into checking all of your houses to make sure there is no fire elsewhere in the house.

You know what they say about “no smoke without fire”, inspect all over your home, make sure you are good if it persists then you need to get the fire department to come to inspect it to get a professional opinion. Stay safe, always.


Why does my air fryer smoke up the house?

You need to make sure you are using the air fryer right in order not to smoke up your house, cook your food at the appropriate time that is required. Do not put in food items that can not be cooked in an air fryer, do not put in random things in your air fryer either.

Why does my fire alarm keep going off when there’s no smoke?

The smoke could be inside the walls where you can’t see, or it can be elevated and your smoke detectors are the only thing “detecting” the smoke, or, maybe the smoke detector is simply misbehaving and you need to change the batteries or the smoke detectors itself.

Where do I put oil in my air fryer?

The oil is usually put on the food item which you are cooking in the air fryer, although it does not require that much oil, you can just spray a bit on the food, meat or chips. Or use a brush to apply a little bit that’s enough to coat the surface.

Why Does My Air Fryer Set Off My Smoke Detector – Conclusion

When it comes to smoke detectors, it may seem like a pointless device but they have saved a lot of lives,  or all smoke in the house can be perceived with our noses.

If the cause of the smoke detector going off is your air fryer then you need to take steps to fix the situation so it does not happen next time.

If it isn’t, then you can troubleshoot and figure out the cause and address it accordingly. I hope it works out. Best of luck. Cheers!

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