Can Oven Bags Be Used In Air Fryer?

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Can Oven Bags Be Used In Air Fryer? Yes, you can use oven bags in an Air fryer, although it’s not ideal to use oven bags in a convection oven (which is the mode of heating of Air fryers) you can use the bags in your device if you take a few precautionary measures.

There are several reasons you may need to use oven bags in your air fryer, some of them valid, others not so much, the most common being not wanting to make a mess in your fryer because of the type of food you want to cook.

Below are a few common reasons which people who own air fryers use oven bags while cooking in their devices. Take note of some of them, it may convince you of the relevance of an Air fryer. Let’s get it—

Reasons people use oven bags in air fryers

Soup-based foods

It is no secret that some people use their Air fryer to serve a similar purpose as microwaves, you may wanna cook soup-based food like ramen noodles.

Putting a plastic cup or even ceramic may not be ideal because it may cause the plate to off-gas and start to deteriorate.

Putting these types of food into a well-sealed oven bag would be the best way to go, you get to cook the food properly and keep all the liquids intact, it’s part of the food, so why not.

I can not speak for the cooking time or appropriate temperature which would be convenient to make these kinds of food in an air fryer, that is up to you the “chef”. Godspeed!

Moist “Juicy” meat

Air fryers are used because they make your meat super crispy when you’re done cooking, that’s the appeal anyway. But if you’re looking for a different kind of preparation and you want super moist and juicy meat, the best thing would be to find a way to trap the moisture that escapes from the meat during the cooking process.

How better to do it than using a sealed oven bag to cook the meat in your air fryer. It will help keep the meat moist and it will retain most of the juices.  Now that’s a hack I can get behind, to be honest, sign me up.

Keep the Air fryer clean

It can get very messy when you cook in your air fryer, even if you use a tray or the rack of the fryer, especially when you’re cooking processed and frozen foods.

There tends to be splatter and particles of foods all over the fryer when you are done cooking. Cleaning the air fryer can be a tedious venture if you have to do it every time you use it, therefore, if you are super lazy, a convenient way to use your air fryer would be to put the food in an oven bag before you cook with your air fryer. You keep your air fryer clean and get delicious food while you’re at it, sounds like a win-win to me.

Cross-contamination of taste

If you wanna save time by cooking multiple foods at a time in your air fryer and you don’t want them tasting the same at the end of the process, then you can use an oven bag, well, you have got to make sure they have a similar cooking process and what not in order not to burn your food.

By simply using an oven bag, you isolate the foods individually and which allows them to have their unique tastes. Which is super important, would want my chicken tasting like potatoes at the end of the cooking venture.

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Things to know when using oven bags

In order not to go in blind, there are a few things you need to know about oven bags and air fryers to best maximize the efficiency which they can provide for you during the cooking process. Some things to look out for are;

1. The appropriate bag

First, you need to know the right oven bag to use when cooking to avoid unforeseen circumstances, for example—


You need to get quality oven bags like the Reynolds Oven Bags that won’t off-gas while you’re cooking. When heat is applied to polyethene, some of them tend to start to deteriorate, and it will inevitably get into the food you’re cooking.

These particles form the oven bag is not good for human consumption, no matter what the manufacturer tried to tell you. Consuming it may have adverse effects, even if it’s not immediately, you may begin to see the side effects over time.

Cook time and Temperature

There are oven bags that are designed to withstand more heat than others because foods all have their different cook time and temperature which they are processed with.

If you use an oven bag that is not designed to stay too long in the fryer, it will burn while you’re cooking and this will inevitably affect the taste of your food— and this is the best-case scenario. Worst case scenario, you damage your air fryer and burn down your house.


With everything going green these days, it would be most appropriate to get an oven bag which can be reused either by washing or, well, that’s it— all you gotta do is wash and use it whenever you need. There are several on the market which you can purchase to use.


You need to ensure there are no rips in the bag when you buy them and are about to use them. When there is a tear, it defeats the purpose of an oven bag because the moisture content will escape through the orifice.

If there is liquid in the bag, it’s gonna spill everywhere in your air fryer as you cook, I wouldn’t want to be you to clean up that level of mess. Inspect the oven bag before you start to cook to avoid mishaps.

Bag Size

You need to make sure you don’t use a large bag with small food items in them. It has to be the right size, using a large bag will cause the temperature to spread unevenly in the bag and will affect the end product of the food. Using a bag that is too small may cause the food to spill out as it cooks— this will mess up your air fryer.

2. The temperature of bag content

You need to be wary of the content in the bag when you take it out of the air fryer, the surface may be deceptively warm but the content in the bag will be scathing hot because the oven bag tends to retain heat.

Therefore, if you don’t want to accidentally burn your skin when taking the food out of the oven bag, you need to do it with care and keep it in mind that you’re dealing with “lava” and you are in imminent danger. Safety first.


Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, you can. It may be tricky using it in your air fryer but it is doable. Let me explain, if you’re cooking something that does not take long to get cooked, or you just wanna heat something real quick, then using aluminum foil would be the best way to go.

However, for food that takes longer than an hour, it may be a by tricky because after a while at high temperature, the foil may start to smoke and cause the food you’re cooking to also taste smoky— as well as set off your smoke alarms of course.

Why you shouldn’t use an air fryer?

You should not put veggies or fruits in your air fryer for any reason, if you need to cook them, you can either poach them on the stove or use a grill to roast them.

You should also never put in a whole chicken or large meat in the air fryer, it will not cook through that’s if it even fits in the air fryer that is. You should also never think of putting dredged or battered meat in the air fryer if you don’t want a lot of mess.

Can you put raw meat in Airfryer?

Yes, you can. All you got to do is spice the meat up if that’s what you’re into, and ensure it is cut up into small pieces so it can fit into the air fryer and also cook faster. 

Can I use regular parchment paper in my air fryer?

The best way to keep your air fryer clean when you use it would be to use parchment paper, that way it would also be easier to handle the food if it’s too hot.

Can Oven Bags Be Used In Air Fryer – Conclusion

Using an oven bag with an air fryer sort of defeats the selling point which they boast of, which is making food super crispy. However, it also has its perks, like keeping your air fryer clean and some other stuff which is outlined above.

You need to keep in mind that you have got to spend quite a sum on the oven bags if you don’t have any laying around. Anyway, I hope it works out okay. Cheers!

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