Can Air Fryer Use Extension Cord?

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Can Air Fryer Use Extension Cord? An Air Fryer can be plugged into an extension cord if you need to. There are several scenarios and cases that can lead to this particular “solution”, from the socket being too far away from where you need the Air fryer to the power plug of the Fryer not matching the socket which is currently available to you.

Depending on the situation and reason, you may have to take some precautionary measures in order to operate the Air Fryer safely and efficiently.

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Below are some of the parameters considered when using an extension cord with your Air fryer, let’s get after it, shall we—

Situations that can prompt the use of extension cord with Air fryers

First, what are situations that may prompt the use of an extension cord with your Air Fryer? By considering these, you’ll have a better understanding of the best possible way to get around the safety issues and find better solutions.

Short cable

Depending on the length of the power cord of your Air fryer, you may need an additional cord in order to get power from the socket available to you, either in your home or office.

The name is in the title, “extension cords” serve the purpose of additional length for your electrical appliances when you need to, therefore if the Air fryer has a short power plug that can’t seem to reach the socket to allow you to use it conveniently, the best solution would be to use an extension.

Well, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it “the best solution” but it still is a viable solution especially if you have an extension cord available already.

Unmatched Power plug and Socket

When the power plug of your Air fryer does not match the power outlet which is available, you need to work your way around it, by either using a Power adapter or an extension cord, depending on the situation.

Some power outlets are usually equipped with 2 prong orifices which means the power plugs that can fit must be 2 pronged, while most electronic devices made nowadays are three-pronged with the one at the top being the “earth”.

If your Air fryer power plug does not match the socket available, worry not, you can easily rectify the problem with a Power Adapter or an Extension Cord.

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Things to look out for when using an extension cord for Air fryers

Safety first in every situation, when using an extension cord to power your Air fryer, there are a few things to keep in mind in order not to damage your device or start a fire. Below are a few things to look out for—

Short extension cords

Always use short extension cords, wherever you’re routing the power to, to use your Air fryer, make sure the extension cord is not too long.

Long extension cords cause a power drop which may affect the specifications required by your Air fryer, it also causes the cord to overheat.

Therefore, you need to get a short extension cord which is long enough to get the job done and not cause any mishap or safety issues.

Also, try your best not to get the wires all tangled up so it does not break, extension cords these days are prone to wear and tear of the outer rubber protector, and when that begins to wear off it affects the wire inside. Exposing it, that can lead to electrocution if handled carelessly.

High-quality wires

Do not cheap out on the extension cords you purchase, low quality extension cords are made with sub-par materials which means they wear out fast and can barely sustain the electrical power which they carry, low quality wires will cause a significant power drop when plugged into an outlet and are also very much prone to overheating.

All these issues mentioned above are a recipe for disaster and should not be taken lightly. Always purchase quality electronic devices and appliances to maximize safety. Try the GoGreen Power Extension Cord it’s one of the most quality extension cords available on the market.

Do not overload

Never, and I repeat, NEVER overload a power outlet by plugging multiple high powered devices at the same time. An Air fryer consumes quite a bit of electrical power and when you plug it into a socket with another device like an oven for example.

That is the prequel to most raging house fires, plugging the devices one at a time, or simply checking the specs of the socket outlet to confirm the amount of load it can carry. Knowledge is power, they say, knowing this and implementing it can save you a lot of headaches.

Appropriate Power Gauge

Extension cords usually come with inscriptions on the Power level or guage they can handle, this helps you to know the most appropriate extension cord to purchase for your Air fryer, for example; 

  • 16-Gauge— This is designed for light-duty appliances at home like your fans, lights, clippers and so on. Using it with appliances that consume more power than these will cause the devices to malfunction and the cord to overheat.
  • 14-Gauge— This can be used to power medium-duty appliances like Power drills, Lawnmowers, Oven and of course, your Air fryer. Therefore, if you ever need to purchase an extension cord for your Fryer, ensure you get the 14-gauge cord. That’s what’s most appropriate.
  • 12-Gauge— This is for the heavy-duty machinery, you know the “serious stuff” which are usually found in workshops and large kitchens. Appliances like Air compressors and large Ovens.


Like most things in life, it’s best to have options available in case your plan A does not work, therefore, I’ve provided a few alternatives to extension cords, do with the information what you will, I hope it helps in some way.

Power Strips

These are similar to extension cords based on their functionality, however, they provide a more versatile dimension and also have significantly shorter cords than the former.

Power strips are versatile in the sense that they are super portable and provide multiple power outlets on the board, which means you can use more than one electrical device at a time. As long as it’s strong enough that is. Power strips are a better choice for kitchen appliances in my opinion.


These are plugged into a power outlet if your power plug does not match the outlet, although it can not solve the problem of short power cords, it does solve the issue of mismatched socket or outlet.

Adapters come in handy, as they are portable and can be travelled with, just in case your hotel room has a different power outlet.

Surge Protector

These are basically adapters, but the key difference is that these protect your electronic devices from power surges. Whenever there is a fluctuation in power in your home, it trips off which keeps your devices from damage.


When should you not use an extension cord?

Do not use your extension cord if there is a storm, in fact, do not use any electrically powered device in a storm, it is super dangerous.

Also, as long as the power plug matches the outlet and is long enough to be plugged in as-is, you do not need an extension cord. At most, you can use a surge protector.

Can Microwaves be plugged into an extension cord?

To be honest, you don’t need to. You need to get an electrician to install an outlet close to where you keep the microwave, using an extension cord will make the whole area messy and untidy. In that case, I would suggest using a power strip instead.

What is the difference between the extension cords and power strips?

An extension cord has a longer wire and can only be used with one electrical device at a time, while a power strip is significantly shorter and has multiple outlets which you can plug in multiple devices at a time.

You can not use a power strip with heavy-duty electrical devices, which is a fire hazard and should not be attempted, an extension cord is most convenient for those types of devices.

Which is safer, extension cord or power strip?

Depending on the situation, but in most cases, it’s safer to use an extension cord because they are built to carry quite a lot of load. As for landscaping issues, it’s safer to use a power strip because you are less likely to trip over those while walking.

Can I plug an extension cord into another extension cord?

You can, but you should not. This will either cause a drop or fluctuation in the power or it will cause the cord to overheat.

Neither of these are good, if your extension cord is not long enough then, you should purchase a longer one or look for another, much closer power outlet.

Can Air Fryer Use Extension Cord – Conclusion

Air fryers are super convenient devices which can be used to cook most foods in a controlled system with great convenience. Using them with an extension is doable if you need to, however, for safety reasons, it’s best to invest in a high-quality power strip.

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